Candle Making Raw Materials | wax, Dys, Thread, Colours For Sale

Wax Minimum 25 kgs Rs.3400

Rs.2 candle Dye 10gms make 30 pcs Rs.2000

Rs.5 candle Dye 20gms make 10 pcs Rs.1800

Rs.10 candle Dye 40gms make 6 pcs Rs.1800

Rs.10 candle Dye 40gms make 12 pcs Rs.2800

Threads 1Kg  Rs.350

Colours, (White, yellow,  green, blue, rose) 250 gms nos Rs.400

Buy :

Whatsapp : 9626062173

Paytm :  9626062173

Googlepay : 9626062173



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